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[sticky post] Dec. 23rd, 2011


Yep. I decided to lock my journal. Especially for my graphic posts (winamp skins, wallpaper, etc). I'll open them for 1-2 weeks, and will lock it after that. So, if you wanna see them, just add me & comment here ^^


Just a heads up. My domain, is currently offline. So everything under crosszeria-luka is affected. The reason is 2 of my sub-domain got hacked and I'm worried they'll take over the whole domain. So, I took them off. I've reported it to my service provider, but no answer. As usual, they're slow responding to customers. Urghhh.....

Anyways, I did some google-ing and found out the group who hacked my sites are an anti-Israeli group who attacked government websites. So, I don't really get why they hacked mine, which is merely a fansite/fanlisting. Though, I think it's because of the domain name had the words cross in it? I don't know. Luckily, my 1 year subscriptions will end this May, so I'm taking the chance to change my domain name this month. The sooner the better. I just can't take it anymore. I've already informed TFL & TAFL about my problem and they gave me a month and if I didn't solved it within the time, just let them know so they could extend it. Which is something I'm grateful for. The sub-domain that got hacked are actually my Fanlisting Collective & Enthusiast (for managing my fanlisting). And seeing Enthusiast was affected, this is the only choice I had. Hopefully, I'll have everything back up by the end of this month. 

New Layout & Happy New Year!


lol... A nice timing for a new layout, huh? Well, since the filter I found only works for A Sturdy Gesture/Expressive/Mixit layout, I had to change mine. And damn. It's hard to find these premade layout! I nearly gave up. But I'm glad I didn't. I found one and it works! I know I'm still missing the header image, but... I still can't decide which pic to use ^^; That and I just can't wait to hide tags I hate!

Anyways, the filter I'm talking about is Talk to the Hand. It's very useful to hide entries with selected tags from your Livejournal friends page view. Yes. Since I'm following many fanfiction lj, and there's some popular pair that I HATE to death, I don't wanna see the entry on my friend page. Just seeing the pair name pissed me off. To save myself from the agony, I decided to look for a filter. So anyways, after a long months looking for a filter that actually works, I found these! It's easy to use/install too. If you had Greasemonkey (or Tempermonkey in Chrome) you're good to go! But remember, it's only works on these 3 layout. Have fun & hide all the things you don't wish to see! ;p

Leaving you with pouty, adorbs Kame-chan selfie!

Winamp skinning MODE!

Guess what? I'm making a winamp skins again! Woohooo!!!! Only this time, I started with Johnny's boys, Kis-My-Ft2 (individual & group) and KAT-TUN (group, individual & probably a lot of Kame-chan! ;p). This preview is only.. half of what I intend to do. I know it's a lot! But since right now I'm so into these two groups (esp. KAT-TUN Kame-chan & Kisumai Gaya-chan), I might as well do it ^^ Will post all of it when they're done. I've just started with my 1st skins already with Gaya-chan, and it's halfway done now!


I'm bored, and need some inspirations too ^^

Can't believe I actually finish outlining this one! Well, it wasn't that hard, but I actually expand it a bit more. More specifically, Tsukumo, Hotsuma & Kuroto leg's. I need the characters in the middle of the wallpaper, so I had no choice but to expand them ^^; Still, I nearly died doing that. Really. I  had ZERO sense in art, so even doing just that is super hard for me. But, I did it anyways. KUFUFUFUFUFU.....

I've finished Luka's quite a while ago. But I'm still struggling with the background. I made 2-3, but I'm kinda not-so-happy with any of it. And still looking for more inspirations/ideas. I intend to finished and post this BEFORE April 22. Hopefully ^^; DONE! KUFUFUFUFU


I dunno if I should be happy or sad. Really. I went out just now, and went to my favorite place... which is the Popular bookstore (yeah, I know ^^; But I'm actually looking for a birthday gift for my soon-will-be 2 years old grand-nephew, Aaron ^^) And, I decided to poke my head and look at the DVD's there. And to my surprised, I saw UraBoku DVD with MY HARDWORK VECTOR ON THE COVER! I was like "What the heck???" And totally speechless and staring O_o

Pix HereCollapse )

Work in Progress:

While I'm at it, my WiP ^^Collapse )

UraBoku NEWS!

I already posted this news on hotaru_odagiri  and uraboku , but I still want to do it here, too. UraBoku ARTBOOK is coming out on March 28, 2011!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!! I so want this for my B'day present! (Mine is March 30, btw ^^) I don't care if I had to pay it myself!!!!!! >_____< I'm still shaking, and still can't believe my eyes.

Oh, I google translate it too:

Illustrations Hotaru Odagiri betrayal knows my name [Illustrations]

With Illustrations CD to be released drama!

Hotaru Odagiri's first illustration collection, the gorgeous design BOX!
Drama CD · pocket cards were together 70 pieces are delivered in a premium lot.
Because it is completely made to order, do not forget your reservation! !

Illustrations - 128 pages, A4 size full color
BOX - into luxury
- Cover illustration drawn
Pocket Card - 70 sheets
Drama CD (Scenario: Hotaru Odagiri Dr. newly written)
Luxury CAST: Hoshi Souichirou, Sakurai Takahiro, Hiroshi Kamiya, Satoshi Hino, will Itirou Makoto Miki
Expected Release: Late March 2011

Here's the link from ^^

Also,  [info]kswgric  mention on her latest entry journal that UraBoku drama CD 4 will be released on November 24, 2010. Hmm.. and here I thought the next drama CD will only come out after the manga gets much farther away. I mean, they could be inserting Sairi/Ria too ^^ Guees not, I think ^^;

Oh, oh, oh!!! also had those silver cross chains that Yuki made for ZWEILS. A different color (of the jewel) for each one of them ^^ But I don't think I saw Luka's though (his cross is black, and there's no way I can missed that!).

DVD Cover 1

OH!  MY!   GOD!!!!

I'm actually screaming when I saw this! Yuki look like a Saint covered with flowers The right word should be "Vine Bondage" => Thanks for that words, yukiya_ayase *dies* I'm so gonna vector/paint this when it's out! And I'm actually thinking of getting the DVD itself. Well, let's see how my budget goes. But, I WILL buy the TV Anime Drama CD ^^ (Confirmed & already pre-order)

Oh btw, I'm not sure if this is the cover of regular or limited edition. Or  there'll be another cover of the anime art (like Junjou Romantica which had both manga/anime art for the DVD covers).

UraBoku Story 1

OMG!!!!! The 1st episode is out and I'm soooooooooooo happy! I've already watched it yesterday, but I didn't had time to fangirling after that. Ahahahaha... seems like all my latest entry is fangirling ^^

But anyways, love the OP (esp the Hotsuma/Shuusei, Tooko/Tsukumo, Takashiro/Kanata & Luka/Yuki part). *&%$#&*(&%$##@%$^&^&&*^%$#@ Roses, blood & chains is just soooo...... UraBoku! >____< And the animation looks great too! No complaining there, ever since I watched the PV! And Yuki... OMG!! His eyes look so pretty! Just like how Odagiri-sensei draws him! And Luka look pwetty too >___< It's a bit different from the manga (and drama CD), but still look great! And I can finally say.. that UraBoku anime is indeed much better than Vampire Knight's! VK anime, is just too horrible! The animation look weird too! So, I'm glad UraBoku didn't end up like VK ^^ Oh, the ED is pure Although, I'm not a fan of previous!Yuki, the ED is just too "baaaaaw" to ignore.

On my RL:

- My brother wedding is over, so I'm finally free! >__< Vectoring time!!!!
- One of my UraBoku WIP is almost done. OMG! ^^ So happy!

Fangirling... again!

To be honest, I really didn't want to add more of my current project for UraBoku, but I just couldn't help myself when I saw the latest colour spread feat. Yuki:

*dies* ASUKA cover look awesome with Luka, but this one just blew me away! Yuki look so beautiful and sad, being surrounded by everyone weapon. And heck, he's hugging Roxas! @$^**^%$#$%^^%$#$%$

Looks like I had to let go some of my planned projects! Huhuhu... there's too many, and I don't have much time to vector anymore. BUT! I will not give up anything that I've already started >__< I had quite a number that I haven't start outlining AT ALL, so I'll have to discard some of that.
But, good news is... I'm almost done with one of my UraBoku vector (It's 96% done already). I'll post it, maybe later today or tomorrow. I'm kinda struggling painting the wings >__< Believe me, that's the one that drives me crazy!

Another reason for fangirling...Collapse )

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